▲ Issue One

There is fellowship in an archive.Since 1877, RISD Students have persisted in proposing radical visions of art education unconstrained by academic power structures. Across publications like 1910's single-issue The RISOD or 1975's short-run Express-O or the three-year periodical The Juice, students collected bursts of writing, doodles, satire, comics, figure drawings, and personal ads. As a whole, the archive records a voice that sometimes meanders, sometimes stumbles, sometimes offends. Its comprehensiveness offers an honest reflection of a political, discordant, and imperfect student body. In short, an archive is a mirror. Animating this editorial project are two questions: how will new students and new visions persist? How will they lead a reader to action?

Issue 1 of From the Archive is an on-ramp. One that allows you to project your own meaning into the mirror. Each future issue is produced with a set of simple guidelines (QRcode), we invite you to make the next.